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Dog Training - One Command K9
Dog Training - Dog Trainer
 Providing Dog Training & Behavior Modification for all breeds and sizes of dogs of any age!  Including all forms of "AGGRESSION."  

As a Dog Trainer people tell me you can't teach an "Old Dog" new tricks, but that is not the case.  With time and patience your beloved furry friend will become a well mannered, socialized, obedient, and trusted member of the family. 

<<<<<  The two dogs 
you see on the left are my personal K9 companions  Ava(German Shepherd) and Vicious(Min Pin)
Both are fully Advanced Off Leash Trained
4318 Clearwater Loop SE  
Lacey, WA  98503  
We Praise For Good Behavior! 
Corrections For Unwanted Behavior!
Demo of Dog Training & Dog Trainer
on Demo Vids Page!
Call, Email, or Text to setup a Evaluation or if 
you have any questions about any of the Dog Training or myself the Dog Trainer!
What to Expect:
First step is to call, email, or text to setup an evaluation, which is just a One on One with yourself, your dog, and I (the Dog Trainer).  At the evaluation we will talk about all the issues behavior wise you are having and if no behavioral issues, the Dog Training and Obedience you are wanting to achieve.  All your questions will be answered at the evaluation.  I don't like to answer to many questions over the phone about behavioral issues because I won't be able to tell you a straight answer until I get a chance to actually meet the dog to see what I can do and to see what dog training plan works best for your situation.  If you are wanting to start right away we can start right after the evaluation is over straight into a single session or what ever dog training plan you choose.  
Dog Obedience 
Makes For Great Photos!
Last month there was a house fire and my home and work space is uninhabitable till the home is rebuilt. All sessions will now be done as outcalls or in-home sessions till insurance rebuilds the home.  Also Prices have been updated.