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Why do you not use treats to train dogs?
I don't like to use treats because it creates a dog that's treat dependent and listens for the food reward instead of you!  With my training the dog is working for you.  I will use treats for dogs under 4 months of age to help them understand what we are asking of them before I start basic training.  My form of praise is verbal and physical, instead of the use of food/treats!  I feel it gives the dog a much better reward, because it's what all dogs want is attention and love from their owners and food/treats aren't always available but affection is.  Also with the verbal and physical praise you start to build a great bond between you and your dog and builds that focus you want out of your dog naturally!  (Also if you have any form of AGGRESSION or STUBBORNNESS with Dominance, treats  aren't enough to help that dog understand it cannot behave that way!)
Don't Prong/Pinch Collars make dogs worse with Aggression Issues? 
YES they can if used incorrectly, like any tool, BUT if used correctly it shows the dog a clean, cut correction to stop the behavior we are correcting for!  It simulates mothers teeth biting their neck, correcting them (natural form of correction).  And I am here to teach you (the owner) how to use this tool to help your dog, not hurt your dog.  All dogs are different, some are sensitive so they would take a very small correction with the collar, but then there are dogs that are stubborn and have very high tolerance so a harder correction would be needed.  The point of the collar is in the beginning to teach the dog.  The main goal is to get away from using the collar, your dog won't have to wear it for the rest of his life.  Otherwise if you do have to keep it on, your not making progress.  (I don't used CHOKE CHAINS, Prong/Pinch collars don't CHOKE your dogs!)
Why do you have a (SHOCK COLLAR) E-Collar on your dog?
I use the E-Collar as an off leash training tool.  Once again it is a tool and can be used incorrectly or correctly!  It is very, very important you do the right steps to teaching your dog that a E-Collar is a form of correction.  So they understand what is happening, because this an unnatural correction.  "This is one tool that can RUIN your dog!!!"  There are a lot of people that think you can just slap it on and use it, that is WRONG!  There are Proper Steps you need to take before even consider using this style of Collar.  Also as part of the steps, your dog won't become Collar dependent on it either.  If this is a route you would like to take then I can help.  If you don't like the idea of the E-Collar there are many other ways to teach you dog Off Leash Training which I will teach you how to do!  
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How long is each Training Package take?
All dogs learn at different speeds so I don't have a set timeline. Your dog's progress depends on how much time you spend at home working on the training. In general for my basic obedience, the timeline is 3 to 5 weeks. For advanced obedience it's 10 to 15 weeks. There is no cut off point, for example: if you were past the 5 week period, but your dog wasn't finished with the basics then we would keep training at no extra cost. I like to teach one command per week, sometimes two depending on how well the owner and their dog are doing. For any form of aggression, a couple of single sessions will be needed to resolve the issue before heading to the advanced class, advanced training, or basic training. Those in the Advanced Class are more than welcome to keep coming for the extra socializing and to keep up with the training if you would like to do so.