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Client Results and Client Comments 
My family had just recently moved out to the Washington area due to a change of duty station because my husband is in the army. I was about 5 months pregnant when my husband was being deployed to Afghanistan and I wanted to go back home to Hawaii to be with family in order to give birth because my husband was not allowed to come back home during the birth of our second child. We have two dogs one a terrier mix named Buddy and German Sheppard named Cappie. I was seeking care for both of my dogs since going back home for them was not going to be an option at all. Joon Kim, answered an ad I had posted on a care website and my husband and I decided to meet him. Not only did he help us with a great price to board our dogs for 5 months until I was able to come back to Washington after my baby was born, but he showed us a demo with one of his dogs and my husband and I immediately decided to get Cappie trained as well since we started to see aggression in him and we did not want him to do anything that may get him or ourselves in trouble.  
When Cappie first met Joon, of course, since he was a stranger to him he wanted to bite him in which he did almost try too. Joon didn't see surprised at all by his aggression and was a natural at knowing what to do.  
During the 5 months that I boarded my dogs as well as Cappie being trained through his advanced training, Joon made sure to post pictures up of our dogs through one of his social networking websites in order for my husband and I to know that they were doing great, which we appreciated very much.  
Coming home to Cappie was the real test to see how well Joon had done since I was not able to do the training with him which is how Joon normally trains his client's dogs. Joon showed me very basic commands before I took Cappie home with me, and just within 15mins I was already impressed by the work he had done with him. He listened to simple commands in which he had never before with me and made me feel more confident about having him in our house with our two babies.  
Just yesterday, was one of the real tests for myself to see how well Cappie would do at a dog park where my husband and I first noticed that we needed to get him trained because he wanted to attack almost every dog that came by him and any person that came to close. I trusted Joon and his work, so I let him off the leash for the first time, and he did AMAZING!!! He was always very protective of me and stayed by my side, but he did interact with other dogs and while I was standing in a group of other people and dogs, he even let a stranger pet him! I was SHOCKED! Before getting him trained, he wouldn't let anyone he didn't know touch him or get near him (which is why he pretty much wanted to attack Joon the first time he met him). Although, he did show protection when it came to a stranger that I wasn't socializing with because that is his natural instinct and one of the main reasons why my husband and I even decided to own a German Sheppard. Joon made sure that our dog knew his boundaries but didn't take away what I or my husband wanted him for.  
There is still a lot more training that I as well as my husband needs to learn with our German Sheppard because of being away and not doing the training with him. But I am already impressed by the work Joon has done with Cappie and look forward to learning more with the training he had done with Cappie. I will speak highly about Joon to anyone seeking boarding as well as training for their dogs because of what he has done for my family but most of all for our German Sheppard. ~Tracy & Jeff Thompson~