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Through my schooling/apprenticeship I was given this dog to foster from the NWARR.org rescue and was one of the first dogs I learned quite a bit from and also did some major behavior modifications with for his severe DOG AGGRESSION!  He still is in the foster care program for the rescue, but now he can hang out with other dogs and he socializes with them rather then as soon as he is close enough, straight out attack them.  I am very happy with how far Razo has come along and hope he finds a home soon!  If anyone is interested, you can visit NWARR.org and check him out!  He really is an amazing little dog!  
Poor Ralph loved to try and chase things outside on leash pulling and barking.  He barked non stop when ever he wanted something or was not getting any attention!  I got him from a rescue and have had him for about four months now and could not take it anymore.  I signed up for the basic portion and after only four visits he was done with the class and much, much better on leash and learned quiet, my new favorite word!  I plan on signing up for Joon's advanced class sometime in the near future because after seeing what his little dog can do, I was very impressed and surprised.  Thanks again Joon, Ralph is now a dog I can proudly walk around with and not feel embarrassed about in my neighborhood and at Petsmart!  ~Jasmine~
I just had to say THANK YOU for boarding our much loved boy Kenickie while we were looking for our house and moving. I know he was a bit of a brat when we sent him to you but you did wonders with him. He came back to us a sweet boy with GREAT new manners. Kenickie is our show dog who my daughter has spoiled rotten but now he listens to everyone in the house. I truely appreciate the extra time you took with him and the updates and photos too. It was hard for us to have to leave him for such a long time but in the end it was truely worth it. We know he was VERY well taken care of in your home. I would recommend you to anyone needing boarding or training with a large or small dog. Nothings better than having your pet in a home environment with someone who understands what each dog needs individually, not in a facility that just feeds and waters each dog daily. I can tell Kenickie was treated like one of yours!!  ~Michelle~
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Thanks for taking all the pictures of Willow while we were in North Dakota. She learned so much while she was there about being with other dogs. I would recommend you to anyone that wants to leave their dog with someone that really cares for and understands dogs. I can't wait to get some training started with her.  ~Barbara~
Client Results and Client Comments 
 When I called you about getting my 11 month old dog, Chance, (a lab pit mix) under control I was really frustrated. He was a good hearted dog, but really rambunctious and not prone to listening to my directions. After our first session I couldn't believe the transformation under your tutelage. You got him to follow commands and to settle down, even with other dogs around as distractions.

With the aid of the pinch collar and your guidelines Chance began to obey when we went out for walks and he was more settled when people came by to visit. I even got compliments about my well behaved dog while we were out and about. While he's still a work in progress, Chance is so much better behaved after our sessions with you that he's now a fun companion instead of a frustrating dilemma.     ~Marianne Larson~