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Dog Training - One Command K9
Boarding Environment:  
Here at OneCommand K9 I do both kennel and free roam boarding.  I have a large backyard that is fully fenced, and also have a out door kennel setup for potty area and feeding which is all covered and dry.  Rest of the backyard is clean and for playing around in.  For indoors I have a family room that is sectioned off from rest of my house just for dogs!  I call it the "DOG PEN".  Dogs will get a home environment and not kennel treatment!   They get to lay on random beds and roll around some nice soft carpet.  FUN TIMES! 
Boarding Activities:
Most of the day they will be indoors and through out the day they will be let out to potty and also get some fresh air and play out doors when weather allows!  Depending on dogs individual needs for feeding they will be fed on your set schedule if that is something you would like set up.  **Please provide your own food for your dog for the day**  Your K9 companion will get plenty of exercise playing and if the dog requires more physical activity you can request for a walk or run into their stay here. 
4318 Clearwater Loop SE  
Lacey, WA  98503  
Pitbull Min Pin German Shepherd
DayCare Prices:
Toy Fox Terrier Min Pin
Multiple Dog Discount Available 
(Half off the second dog))
For more info or if you have any questions go to CONTACT INFO and fill out the form and I'll get back to you Same Day!
Payment in full on drop off or half off up front and rest on pick up.

***If your dog has any aggression issues with either people or dogs there will be a $10.00 add on to each day for handling of the animal to maintain a safe environment!***
Call, Email, or Text to setup a Evaluation or if 
you have any questions about any of the Dog Training or myself the Dog Trainer!
Dog Boarding Information
Boarding Rate (Per Day):
Under 7 Days - $30.00

Over 7 Days - $28.00

Over 14 Days - $26.00

Holiday - $40.00
Boarding Prices:
Daily Rate (Per Day):
Half Day - $10.00 / Full Day - $20.00

Week Package: 
Half Day - $8.00 / Full Day - $18.00

Monthly Package:
Half Day - $6.00 / Full Day - $16.00
"Please Call An Hour Before Drop Off and An Hour Before Pick Up"