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Meet K9 Trainer - Joon Kim
My story is a simple one!  Ever sense I was a young child I have loved animals of all kinds.  I was very interested in police K9's and guard/personal protection dogs.  I told myself when I got older and could afford one I'd get one, well instead I adopted a Doberman by the name of Deuce.  Deuce had dog aggression, which the previous owners forgot to mention when I went to see him for adoption.  I tried what I could on my own and failed to help with his aggression, trying to used the treat training methods.  So I took him to where I did my schooling/apprenticeship, for the personal protection and advanced training after dealing with his aggression.   It brought me so much joy the first time I took Deuce out off leash!  He did so great I shed a tear!  After that I realized this was something I wanted to do for people, having that same feeling I had when I realized I could trust my dog around anything! Because I know how stressful it can be to always be watching your dog hoping that they don't lunge at another dog walking on leash or when guest come over you have to put them away.  So I took on the apprenticeship and after schooling started One Command K9!

My goal for my Clients is to help create a strong bond between them and their K9's without the use of treats/clicker methods.  Training I offer is corrections for BAD behavior and physical and verbal praise for the GOOD behavior.  Through the training  and working with your dog you will see a new found respect and trust from your K9 friend!  Through the school/apprenticeship I have dealt with many different forms of AGGRESSION from all different breeds!    I have worked with many fosters on behavior modifications to help them find new forever homes.  I have trained 3 of my own personal dogs through all my training I have to offer and have learned a lot from them also!  As my Trainer told me, 

"I have so far never seen a dog that is “un-trainable” or a “hopeless case” so please don’t allow people or even trainers to tell you that about your dog and do not give up until you feel you have tried everything."  
                                                                                        Ry - K9MasterCommands
My Wolf Pack:
My Future:
Doberman Pinscher
Dog Trainer German Shepherd
Min Pin
Deuce(Doberman - RIP) was my first dog I completed all the training and helped him get over the dog aggression he had.  
Vicious(MinPin) I got through NWARR.0rg who was brought to the rescue for biting and drawing blood at 10 weeks of age and growling at everyone. She now can be around all kids and has all the training I have to offer.  
Ava(German Shepherd) I got from Excelon Kennels and she has an amazing temperament for the working line! 
 Bao(Great Dane) who I got from a friend who used to have severe people aggression. But with the training and behavior modification he can now be around people, which was done by my mentor/friend and I keep up on it.  
My newest member is another German Shepherd puppy I also got from Excelon Kennels named C'ya, who I'll be learning Schutzhund Sport Dog training with, through the next couple of years.
My personal goals for the near future is to get more involved in the sport dog world, such as french ring, schutzhund, and even some AKC obedience! I also am continuing to learn about every style of training to help my clients and also to learn for myself what I feel works better for each individual dog and their owners.  
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