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Dog Training - One Command K9
Evaluation:     $60.00
Single Sessions:      $150.00/Hr (Minor Issues)  $250.00/Hr (Aggression Issues)
Basic On Leash Commands:     $450.00
This is a chance for me to meet you and your four legged friend.  In the evaluation you'll fill out a form with some basic information about you and your dog.  We will talk one on one about what you are expecting out of the training and where we can go with your dog, also discussing any behavioral issues you would like to have resolved.  On request I can bring my dogs out for a live demo of all the training I have to offer.  
This is where we will start!  On Leash Basics!  Including;  Sit, Heel, Stay, Come, and Down.  At One Command K9 your dog will learn exactly that, you will not have to repeat yourself!  Then the "RELEASE" command will be taught so they can go back to having fun!
4318 Clearwater Loop SE  
Lacey, WA  98503  
Depending on what you need we can do some single sessions at my facility or I can make a house call depending on location.  Single sessions can go from 30 min to an hour, depending on what we are trying to do and part of the problem solving process.  

Advanced Off Leash Commands:      1000.00
Working off the Basics we will move in to the Advanced On Leash Training working toward off leash!  This includes Auto Sit, Sit and Down In Motion, Sit and Down In Middle Of A Come, Sit and Down From A Distance, Sit from a Down, and Heeling Off Leash.  This is only if your dog has no "Behavioral Issues" that need to be address.  Such as fear or any form of aggression.
Behaviors such as:
Food and Water Aggression
Redirecting on you or other dogs on/off leash
People and Animal/Dog Aggression
Running Away/Chasing with NO "recall/come"
Dominance Issues-Boundaries 
Separation Anxiety 
Potty Training Puppy or Aged Dog
Crate Training
And Much More!  What ever issues are there I'll be here to help! 

Advanced Class:      2000.00
This is the best way to go!  Class starts from the very beginning with the Basics, onward toward Advanced portion.  Anyone with any dog can start at anytime, regardless of where everyone else is in their training... all dog's learn at different speeds, so everyone will get their own individual lessons throughout the class period.  Class provides all sorts of distractions which your dog will learn to overcome and soon ignore.  We will also socialize your dog to deal with anything that the world wants to throw at them, such as loud or strange noises to basic everyday life situations.  When it's all said and done, you will have yourself a bomb-proof dog!  

^Payment Plans Available^
*Email if you have any questions about pricing*
Behavior Modification:
*For House Calls or Out Calls there will be a $0.90/mile Travel Fee which will be based off Google maps from my location to your location Round Trip*
Puppy Training Basics:        $300.00
This is for puppies from 2 months to 4 months of age.  Here they will learn some of the basics and puppy manners.  I will also teach you how to handle situations where they are nipping/biting at you or on furniture.  Teach boundaries, potty training, and crate training if that's some of the things you might be looking for.
First we start off with an Evaluation to better get to know you and your dog.  Each Training Package is done once a week.  On the day that you (client) choose to start, the first session will last about an hour (for single sessions, puppy, basics, and advanced package).  The class will be held on Saturdays for an hour or hour and a half, depending on how many others are in the class and what activity is being done that day for socializing.   

If you sign up for the ADVANCED CLASS, everything is included in that price.  You will get a couple of single sessions to help with any behavioral issues or to work on anything in particular that you may need help with and prepare you to enter into the advance class.  We will start with the basics is where we will start and work our way to the advanced training.  
Call, Email, or Text to setup a Evaluation or if 
you have any questions about any of the Dog Training or myself the Dog Trainer!